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The Village Foundation

Connecting parents for social support and well being

The Village Foundation

The company was formed in 2018 by Tiffany De Sousa Machado, who through pitching became involved with the ICC.


  • Increased wellbeing and connectedness
  • Support from those who have been there before
  • Increased productivity in the workplace.


Village provides a mentoring program which is supported through a software platform.

Potential markets

Current market is large corporate – 200+ employees.

Future market is the public.

IP status

Village is wholly owned by the directors.

Partnering opportunities

A partner to join the business.

Large corporate companies who would like to implement Village.

The Village Foundation

The Village Foundation app allows parents to connect with each other.

The Village team

Tiffany De Sousa Machado

Tiffany De Sousa Machado


Village Foundation

Johanna Racky

Marketing and Administration

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