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Student to Startup Series

Event #3: Techstars Startup Weekend

Judging criteria

There are three core elements that your team will be judged on:

The business model

How does the team plan on making this a successful business?

  • Is it a unique idea?

  • What is their key value proposition?

  • Have they thought about competition, how to scale, acquiring customers, and their revenue model?

  • Have they identified a specific target market?

  • How will they acquire their first 100 customers?

Customer validation

Is the team building something that people actually want? Did the team talk to customers?

  • Who will be their users, who will be their customers, and are they different?

  • How many users have they interviewed?

  • Did they target the correct people to interview?

  • What did they learn from their customer interviews?

  • What are the core needs of their users?

Execution & design

Has the team established an MVP — the minimum set of product features to be able to start collecting data?

  • What feedback did they get to inspire their Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

  • Did they build a prototype? Any medium is fine, including paper or Google Slides.

  • How effective is their MVP for the purpose of the weekend? 

  • How functional is their technical demo, if applicable?

  • How easy is it for the user to navigate and use their product?

  • Were they able to incorporate customer feedback into the solution?


Event #1: Fireside chat - COMPLETE!

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