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AMP Tomorrow Makers share in $1m worth of grants 

The AMP Foundation's annual $1 million grants program has recognised 53 amazing Australians doing extraordinary things, including ICC resident and Venture Catalyst winner Tung Tran. 

For the third year running, AMP's Tomorrow Fund invited Australians from all walks of life, abilities and interests to share a goal they're working towards that will benefit the community.

Thousands of applications rolled in from across the land, once again indicating the talent and potential that exists in our nation. Entrants were reviewed by a panel of AMP employees who reflect a range of professions and interests, including AMP chief executive Craig Meller. External subject matter experts and non-profit leaders also assisted in the review process. 

The 2016 AMP Tomorrow Makers that were selected are currently working towards a variety of goals across many fields. They include.  

  • Scientists such as Peter Liddicoat, who will use his grant to help bring a new microscope to the world that could change the way materials are engineered.
  • Social innovators such as Katia Ferrar, an Adelaide academic who plans to open a pro bono, student-led physiotherapy and podiatry clinic for homeless people.
  • Entrepreneurs such as Yarrie Bangura, an inspirational young woman who wants to contribute to Australia by bringing a traditional African product to her new homeland. 
  • Creative champions like Connor O’Brien, who has developed Tomely – an Australian e-bookstore designed to support the Australian literary community. 
  • Tech innovators such as Tung Tran, a police investigator developing an app to help police gather and present crime scene evidence.

To find out more about AMP Tomorrow Makers read the short profiles of all 53 recipients on the AMP Tomorrow Fund website.

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