ICC startups

Venture Catalyst Space startups

In 2018 we launched the country’s first space incubator program, Venture Catalyst Space, dedicated to growing the space industry. The tailored program, is designed to equip founders with the skills and knowledge to successfully build a scalable, sustainable company.

2019 Cohort

Smallsat optical communication solutions

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Creating accurate wildfire maps from airborne and spaceborne sensors

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Monitor your health at home

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Building atmospheric satellites for Earth observation

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Nanofluidic technology for space

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2018 Cohort

Intelligent listening for wind farms

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Scientific research in space

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Next generation personal & vehicle emergency radio beacons

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Reinventing tactile control

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Securely and safely integrating drones into society

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ICC residents

At any given time, the ICC is home to a variety of startups providing office space and support to help get founders off the ground. Click on the tiles below to find out more about the startups currently working in the ICC.

Athlete’s AI is a company combining computer vision and machine learning for athletes to deliver distinct mechanical advantages over competitors.

Video analytics is one of the most powerful tools for athletes to improve their performance, however it either requires expensive high-tech equipment or manual and tedious labelling of footage and provides limited insights. Their solution overcomes the three problems by delivering deeper insights from a single camera in real-time using AI technology and computer vision.


Kiratech is an IT and software development company created to bring people, transportation and the environment together.

Their mission is to increase the usage of recycled parts in repaired vehicles by proving recyclers the technology to automate sales and expose their autoparts online.

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2018 Kiratech working with Ignite SA’s Digital Town Square


The founders for Link4 met with several businesses to understand their biggest issues and one topic came up time and again – invoices. For example, one restaurant received thousands of invoices each year with a lot of manual entry.

Even with the help of an app, it still took a lot of time and they had all the paper invoices to deal with. On the other side of the equation, suppliers were spending thousands of dollars printing invoices, while others were sending PDFs via email via email and some weren’t actioned or responded to. Link4 was created to make life easier for suppliers sending invoices, and to simplify accounting for customers. A win, win.

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March 2019 Link 4 on RiverPitch


Taste Studios have developed ‘Eat Active’, a revolutionary food solution for venues developed by chefs alongside dietitians and taste tested by kids.

With childhood obesity rates rising, currently affecting 1 in 4 children, consumers are becoming more aware, educated and conscious of what they are eating. The program will ensure more families eat healthier, save on food wastage and control food costs, kitchen safety and meal consistency.

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January 2019 Introducing Taste Studios